Good Places to Meet Other Travelers


Many stories and poetry have been written about travel and travelers. While traveling you meet many people from different backgrounds and places. You bond with them during the journey and once you get done with your destination, you probably won’t see them again. This is the bittersweet side of travel. For a brief instant, everything was perfect but now they are gone. You always have the memories though. Meeting travelers is great and enhances your own trip. People are social animals so we need to be around others. You go around the world looking to meet people from different areas. You look for relationships, friends, and travel companions.

If you are traveling alone then you can always offer a lift to someone who is along going the same road. There are many car share programs and other travelers looking for people to travel with. This is a great way to meet new people and help share expenses. Look for advertisements on hostel bulletin boards.

Another place to meet people will be the restaurant where you will stop for food. If you are stopping at a bar then bartender is the ideal guy to talk to. Ask him for any hostel in the vicinity. He’ll be able to direct you to a good yet cheap place where you can meet people.

Hostels around the world are fast becoming popular places for people to stay while traveling. These places are rented out to youngsters as well as over 30’s. The hostel is one place where you can bond with people from various cultures and races. It is a place where there is an interesting mix of cultures. Everyone just talks to each other and travelers are generally very friendly.

Not only are hostels good to meet people they also cost very less. If you have to spend $150 for a night at a decent hotel, hostel charges around $10 per night. That is how reasonable they are. Since you will be sightseeing the entire day you only need a place to crash at night. Moreover, the hostel dorm bathrooms have bath tubs with warm water. So it is indeed quite comfortable to stay in a hostel while traveling. That can even make you feel young as the average age in a hostel is not more than 25 years.

Some hostels even book buses, trains, trips, and excursions for you if you need. They even have their own quirks like cheap beer nights. These are great ways to meet people and bond with room mates. Even if you are a shy person people will pull you into talking with them. That way you end up making great friends also.

The life of a traveler is filled with new people and places. Don’t worry too much about trying to meet people. It will happen naturally. You’ll meet them in bus stops, trains, hostels, tours, bars, parties, and walking. It is often as if travelers instinctively know each other and seek each other out like a moth to a flame.